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JoomSkeleton and JoomFluid are responsive, mobile-friendly templates for Joomla! 2.5

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Ideas and Inspirations

The Joomla! template files for JoomSkeleton are made by Johannes Hock. The base.css layout is inspired by Dirk Jesse, Nathan Smith and David Gamache. Most Joomla! layout styles and the WAI ARIA integration are inspired by Angie Radtke and her famous beez template. I found many helpfull and valuable informations about template creation in the books "Joomla! Templates entwickeln" by Angie Radtke and "Templates für Joomla! 1.6" by Alexander Schmidt, Andreas Lehr. The adapt.js and grid css system is written by Nathan Smith. Philip Locke and Roberto Segura told me cooperatively the responsive module shuffling trick.

JoomSkeleton is easy to use, lightweight, well designed and ideal for personal blogs. Its flexible layout offers personal logo integration, color styles, twitter button, google plus button, google analytics integration and various usefull module positions including WAI ARIA with tabbing and hiding functionality.

JoomSkeleton is tested and works fine with the latest versions of firefox, safari, chrome, opera and ie9. Lately, i integrated modernizr and adapt java script. Thereby, the template reacts adaptive and responsive in ie8 and ie7 as well. Some ie8 issues are still left to solve - i don't want to support ie7 anymore. The responsive module layout - depending on screen sizes, is dynamically loaded via callback. This puts the content allways at the top of the view-port in mobile devices.

JoomFluid is a more liquid version of JoomSkeleton, by integrating Nathan Smiths fluid grid css system with adapt javascript. Its styles are similar to JoomSkeletons ones.

JoomSkeleton and JoomFluid are experimental and work in progress.

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Beez Tabs und WAI ARIA

Das Template macht von der technischen Spezifikation WAI ARIA Gebrauch, die in beez2 von Angie Radtke implementiert ist. Damit lassen sich barrierefreie Tabs und aufklapp- und einblendbare Module erstellen.

In den Modulpositionen ober- und unterhalb des Artikelinhalts "head_tabs" und "bottom_tabs" können Sie Module in Tabs platzsparend organisieren.

Ebenso flexibel lassen sich in den Modulpositionen der linken und rechten Spalte "left_hide" und "right_hide" aufklappbare Module unterbringen.

Mein besonderer Dank gilt Angie Radtke, für ihre Hilfe und Unterstützung.

Johannes Hock
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